Don’t Be Shy in the Digital Realm – Get Out There with Content

The more you put out there, the more you get back. When starting or revving up a brand, the more you update the website content and post to social media, the more presence you have in the digital atmosphere. If you remain silent, you are dormant.

This is analogous to face-to-face networking. You pick and choose which business events to attend and which to avoid. The same goes with content marketing. By thoughtfully choosing your words, and yes, hash tags, you can speak to certain target audiences.

There are metrics to show how much reach you have attained. A main driver should be searchability. Can someone find you in an online search? Again, the more content produced in your brand’s name, the more likely you are to show up in search results.

Now, the actual content matters and I argue it should be written in a tone consistent with your corporate culture. A lot of digital clutter is created when content writers use the same techniques and wording (think of lists with phrases like Top 10 Hacks.. or Companies Killing It…). Distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace with original content.

Moreover, each time you blog anew, it ideally is topical enough to be considered fresh, notes Search Engine Land. In addition, each blog is an opportunity to get noticed by search engines due to indexing, notes HubSpot.

Great, eh? Now what do you want to blog? Often we are so immersed in our work and business, we are too close to see all the subject matter that can be promoted in blogs. Start with a list of questions, issues, challenges and requests you hear from clients and prospects. These are the same things that people search for online. Your blog content should address those interests and answer those questions. You should incorporate those query words into the blog and show how your business provides solutions and offers the products and services that solve problems.

Include specifics and even anecdotes about your customer service. Once the person reading your content (yes, we want people to actually read the content) sees a real-life example of how you provided a product or service, then they will decide they want that too. Give them reasons to pick you over a competitor. But, to be part of that marketplace, you need to pipe up and blog. For more blogging insights, see more by consultant Katharine Fraser.