How & Why Print Marketing Still Matters in the Digital Age

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Augmentative reality images can be placed on printed material and then scanned on a phone or tablet. Using an app, the user is taken to a video. Imagine handing out business cards at a conference that bring people to a video about your product. That business card doesn’t seem so old-fashioned anymore, does it?

It is a first impression that determines if the card is retained and used by the recipient. Is it easy to read and is that content clear? The questions that must be answered are what is it this person does and does that offering matter to me? Does the content of the card make clear what is the nature of your business? If your company name does not explicitly include the business category, consider adding a tagline that does.

You want to strike the right balance between capturing as much useful information as possible and, by contrast, making it too busy looking. For instance, do you really need to list three or four phone numbers and a FAX number? Direct and mobile numbers suffice. Drop the www. prefix from your website address.

There is more real estate on the back of the card. I have a client who was inclined to cram a lot of information back there, enough copy for a large brochure. Still, it’s not a bad idea to place a list on the back of the card. We winnowed down the essentials of what a customer of this service provider would experience at their first consultation. We trimmed it down to five bullet points with short phrases. It looks good and tells a story of what the first meeting will accomplish and what key services are at the core of his business.

The business card remains a reliable workhorse of content marketing and can easily be integrated with your other marketing channels, including digital. Your card is expresses your business identity and should be as respected and carefully considered as your other communications.

To review your business communications and how to improve and augment them, contact consultant Katharine Fraser.

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