Find Your Voice in Business Communications

Often when meeting with entrepreneurs I ask them, “What do you want to say to your market?” I’m met with a thoughtful pause before words they had not yet spoken pour out toward me. Suddenly, the business owner is reengaged and charged by their articulation.

Often we are so busy with operations and business development that we don’t make time to reflect on what we want to say to the marketplace.

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of brainstorming with a business owner on the verge of launching a new website. It’s not just a website, but a sales channel for multiple lines of products and services. We sat eyeball-to-eyeball – her preference for meetings – going through business objectives, belief systems and word associations.

She noted that many words in our world have lost their meanings and she wanted to choose her words carefully, to brand herself. This was a truly rewarding experience. I urged her to blog too because she has a unique ability to speak and write with equal clarity and authenticity.

Another client also ensures that her business communications, including a newsletter and social media posts, capture her own voice. When they are drafted or edited by others, the posts must channel that voice. This makes the experience recognizable to the customers as her brand, which is exciting, enthusiastic and encouraging.

Don’t be like everyone else. Use your own voice in your marketing. Your customers like what they hear and it is your brand.

For more advice on business communications writing and editing, contact consultant Katharine Fraser.

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